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Sunday, May 6, 2012

NYX Jumbo Pencils & Lipstick Review

So a little while back I got more of the NYX Jumbo Pencils & lipsticks but I haven't been able to do a review for now. Lets start with the jumbo pencils....
From top to bottom I have Cottage Cheese, Strawberry Milk, Lime, Electric Blue, Purple & Black Bean.

Cottage Cheese is shimmery white in color & is very creamy & opaque. Strawberry Milk is a shimmery light pink & has the same creamy texture as the color mentioned previously. Makes a great base for soft pinks, any light shimmery colors that you want to add a pink undertone to & is even nice for light shimmery oranges. Lime doesn't remind me of the color lime. It is a shimmery green with gold duo-chrome. Very pretty but I wouldn't have called it lime. Still a great base for any green eyeshadows. It goes on opaque & even tones but its slightly less creamy than the other 2 mentioned. Electric Blue is a shimmery vibrant bright blue with tiny silver sparkles. It's slightly creamier than Lime but not as creamy as the 1st 2 mentioned. Purple looks like a dark blue in the pencil but when applied it is a medium purple. Its a creamy texture but it doesn't apply very opaque & even. It will still work perfectly fine as a base but blend it out well first. Black Bean is a favorite to many. Its a creamy matte black & also applies very creamy. Each of the jumbo pencils are $4.50. To check them out on the website & see what other colors they have, click here! I'm really sad that NYX no longer carries Yellow, Orange & Red. 

Now, on to lipsticks. I have, from top to bottom, Athena, Power, Strawberry Milk, Lip Dujour, Bruised & Pure Red. The 1st 5 lipstick are from the "Round" collection & cost $4.00 each & the last one is from the "Matte" collection & they cost $6.00 each. 

Athena is a super light shimmery/sparkly light pink. It actually looks more peach in the photo but its more pink in person. On the lips no color shows but its leaves a light silvery sparkle. Best used very lightly or over another lipstick. Power is a medium pale pink with a hint of purple to it. Its a very cool pink. Much cooler than the photo suggests. Its super creamy & glides easy on the lips with no shimmer. Strawberry Milk is a super pale pink. Very creamy with no shimmer. Lip Dujour is a shimmery light pink, much like Athena except the pink. Very shimmery/sparkly like Athena too. Bruised is a deep burgundy color that is super creamy in texture but does not apply evenly. I was dab this on lightly with a finger to use more as a stain. Pure Red is a bright, super vibrant red. It applies evenly & is super opaque. Its not too orange based or too pink based. It's just a true bright red. To check out all of NYX's lipsticks, click here!
I hope this review was helpful. I have another NYX review up already for their 2 eye bases, 2 of their jumbo pencils, some of their single eyeshadows, lip liners & some other lipstick colors. To check out that review, click here!
Thanks for reading & I hope everyone is happy & healthy!!!!