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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cherry Street Cosmetics Promoter!!!

So, I am now a promoter for Cherry Street Cosmetics & i'm so excited!!!
*They are not pre-packaged, they are made to order
*Their products are completely vegan.
*They don't use any animal by-products, nor do they purchase their raw ingredients from companies that do.
*They are cruelty free. They don't purchase any of their raw ingredients from companies that test on animals.
*They are members of the Campaign For Safe Cosmetics.
*Their products do not contain any chemicals, nor preservatives.
*Because of the way they make their products, they have an infinite shelf life.
 Keep in mind, as with all makeup, they can be contaminated. Sharing with your  friends is not recommended.
*All of the ingredients they use to create their products are FDA approved &  they don't use any ingredients that aren't
Click here to check out their website!!!
Click here to check out their FaceBook!!!

They have a limited addition collection of matte pigments. Get them before they are out!!! Check out my video to see the collection:

 I'm having a giveaway on my channel to bring awareness to the company, check it out!!!

And here is a vid i made to share information about the company:

Check them out!!! You won't regret it!!!! XOXOXO

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