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Monday, February 13, 2012

Quick NYX Review with Swatches

I recently got a few things from NYX & wanted to do a quick review. If you'd like to check out there website  click here.
The 1st product I have to show is the eyeshadow bases in skin-tone & white. 
I really love the white one. If you are a fan of NYX's jumbo pencil in Milk as an eyeshadow base then you'll love it. I found that the skin-tone one was too dark for me, even when blended out. I can still make it work for me but i'd love it if they made a lighter one for pale skin & a slightly darker one for darker skin. This is a very medium tone. Below I have them swatched. One side I have it swatched un-blended & the other side is blended. They cost $7.00 on their website. 
Next I have 2 of their Jumbo Pencils: Cherry & Orange...

They are super creamy & make excellent eyeshadow bases for like colors. Below I have them swatched. Again, blended & un-blended. They cost $4.50 on their website.
Next, I have 4 of their single eyeshadows. We have Geisha, My Favorite Color, Hot Orange & Sunrise.
Geisha is my current favorite highlight color to highlight the brow bone & inner tear duct. It just a very pigmented high shine white. My favorite Color is a very pigmented neutral brown taupe color. It has a lot of chunky glitter in it but it does not transfer to the lid when applied. It's still very shimmery but does the chunky glitter does not stick to the eye. Hot Orange & Sunrise are best used with bases underneath because when blended out they become much more sheer. They also have chunky glitter, but once again, they do not transfer to the eye. They cost $5.00 on their website.
Next I have 5 of their lip liners. Nude Pink, Peekaboo Neutral, Deep Red, Hot Red & Cappuccino.
I absolutely love them! I have many other colors of their but these are the new ones. Awesome lip liners for an awesome price ($3.50) plus a wide variety!!! I blended down the left side so you could see it a bit blended.
Last but not least, their lipsticks in Iris, Gala, Sky Pink, Paris, Narcissus, Perfect Taupe, Pandora & Hero.
Every single one of them is creamy & pigmented. I love these & hope to eventually get more. At $4.00 a piece you can't go wrong. They have such a huge variety of colors!!! They don't feel dry which is a huge plus for me!!!
As a side note, after washing off the swatches of the lipsticks I noticed a bit of color was left behind by the color Hero (by my knuckles). I mention this in case someone reading this doesn't like that. Personally, I don't mind it at all. It's not permanent, & because I have pale lips, having a slight wash off color after taking it off is quiet nice.
I hope you enjoy this review. I made a video about it if you are interested:
Thank you for your time!!!! XOXOXO


  1. like your blog dearrrrrrr,
    keep posting and go for it!!! :):)


    1. Thank you so much! I wish i could keep up with it. I'll make an effort to update it! Thanks again!