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Saturday, April 21, 2012

CSC VIP Program!!!

Hello fellow makeup lovers! In case you don't know, I'm a very proud promoter for Cherry Street Cosmetics. Before I tell you about their new VIP program, let me tell you about CSC. 
*Their products are not pre-packaged, they are made to order
*Their products are completely vegan. 
*They don't use any animal by-products, nor do they purchase their raw ingredients from companies that do.
*They are cruelty free. They don't purchase any of their raw ingredients from companies that test on animals.
*They are members of the Campaign For Safe Cosmetics.
*Their products do not contain any chemicals, nor preservatives.
*Because of the way they make their products, they have an infinate shelf life.
 *All of the ingredients they use to create their products are FDA approved &  they don't use any ingredients that aren't.
If you'd like more info about the ingredients they use click here.
If you'd like to know about their policies click here.
Anyway, I have some great news! CSC has their own VIP program! Let me tell you a bit about it!
This is a monthly subscription service that is recurring, until you cancel or unsubscribe. They use PayPal to process their subscriptions, however you do not have to have a PayPal account to join!  You can pay with a debit or credit card! 
You will be mailed 5 items/products every month on your signup date.  These items/products will range from full sized products, to samples, to coupons for free products and promotions only available to CSC VIP's! You will never receive the same items/products twice!
There is no obligation or cancellation fees whatsoever.  You can cancel at any time, for any reason, by emailing us at

The CSC VIP program is only $10.00 a month whether you're in the United States or International! Shipping is free, all you pay for is your subscription!

Here is a video I made about this awesome program:

Want to join? Click here and you'll be taken right to the info on their website. Don't forget to check all the awesome products on their website:
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog & if you order anything from CSC please let them know Erin sent you! Have a great day!!!! 

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