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Monday, April 30, 2012

New Changes at Cherry Street Cosmetics

Hi makeup lovers!
Cherry Street Cosmetics is launching there new website! They should have the new store up tonight or tomorrow. Click here to check out the awesome new website. Also, back by popular demand is the CSC Custom Palettes! They should be getting the palettes soon so keep watch by checking out the website, or keep up with all the CSC's new products & special deals on their Facebook page, With the CSC custom palettes you choose 15 of your favorite CSC eyeshadows for only $19.99!

I also ordered a bunch of stuff & made a haul video. I'll be reviewing the brushes, the mascara & the primer soon so stay tuned!!!!

Here are some swatches: 
In the first photo I have swatched Blizzard, Nude, Vanilla Bean & Reef. blizzard is a beautiful shiny white that's great for highlighting the brow bone & its also great for highlighting the skin if you are pale. The consistency is fluffy, highly concentrated & easy to work with. I have Nude in pressed form & it is such a lovely neutral color that looks so lovely on the lid. Its a light mauve with a light shot of silver running through it but its not too much. It's still very light & neutral. Vanilla Bean is a light shimmery vanilla color with some sparkles in it. Also another great highlight color. I swatched it without the primer so the sparkles didn't stick. I prefer it that way but if you want the little glittery particles to stay, use a primer. Its the same with all shadows with small glitter particles. They need something to hold them to the skin. Vanilla bean is also very easy to work with. I received Reef as a sample & fell in love with it! It's a shimmery orange with red duo-chrome, making it a lovely coral color. This is a great eyeshadow for blue & green eyes!!!

The eyeshadows swatched in this photo are Sulfur, Mistress, Tread & Bling Bling glitter. Sulfur is a bright shiny red. Very bright & very beautiful! This is another favorite of mine. Mistress is a gorgeous pink toned purple. The photo doesn't do it justice. Tread is a highly concentrated flat matte black. Bling Bling Glitter is a true gold glitter. The particles are fine so they can be used on the eye with CSC's awesome Sparkle Stay Glitter Adhesive.

If you'd like to see CSC products in action & learn about new products, check out my youtube channel & subscribe! Click here to check out my channel. If you'd like to send me a friend request on Facebook, click here. To check out & like my Facebook page, click here! Thank you & hope to see you around!

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